Pür Delight

Want a way to rehydrate and refresh your skin? One of my go to essentials is Pür Minerals Fulvic Mineral Mist. It is a moisturizing face mist that infuses your skin with vital moisture and the active ingredient fulvic acid will help soothe and invigorate your face, hair and body. I spray it before and after makeup application for that beautiful dewy skin everyone loves. This refreshing tonic spray is derived from ancient plant beds, fulvic acid imparts nourishing and rejuvenating effects for a more vibrant, healthy looking appearance. If you are a mineral makeup fan, spritz this mist on and your skin will look like you have perfect looking skin, without any tell tale look of foundation or powder.

For skin that looks caught between winter and spring, its nice to know there are a few products out there that will help with the transition. Pür Mineral Moisture complex keeps skin looking and feeling hydrated and fresh. This powerful PM moisturizer, works overnight to nourish, protect and rejuvenate the skin. As you sleep, ingredients such as white birch extract, whey protein, vitamin C and Co Enzyme Q 10 will go to work and target fine lines, wrinkles and all the environmental damage you’ve endured in the daytime, so you wake up with beautiful healthy looking skin.

Both available at: www.purminerals.com


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