Smooth as Silk

The other day I while I was on a photo shoot, my model Quinn Miles had told me that she had put new extensions in her hair in anticipation of our day together. I noticed right away that there was a pretty big difference in texture from her natural hair and the added Remy extension hair. I asked if she had washed it or if it was fresh and sure enough, it had been taken straight from the package and applied right onto her head. I wasn’t worried though as I knew I had a few great products in my arsenal that would make her natural relaxed hair and the new extension hair look totally integrated and voluminous yet keep its manageability and softness.

I talked to Quinn about this amazing product from TERAX called Silk foam mousse that would give her hair the same silky smoothness as the Remy extension hair. Now, understand that most of my models know me and trust that if I am using a product on them there is only ONE reason for it. It simply works. But my beautiful Quinn, well, it was our first time together and she just didn’t know me yet. I wish you could have seen the look on her face as she watched me apply the mousse to her hair. I know she was waiting for her hair to start frizzing up and get that hard and crunchy look. She did confess later that she was a little freaked out and had never seen anyone apply foam mousse like that to African American hair before, as this generally was not a good combination.

However, Terax Silk foam is something more than a styling mousse. It is loaded with rice proteins and hydrolyzed silk which smooths and soothes the cuticle of even the most delicate of hair. With the right amount of heat, a heathy dose of the mousse and a ceramic round brush, I was able to coax her natural hair to blend seamlessly with that of the Remy hair. The beauty of this product is that it adds no oil or weight, so the hair keeps its fullness, volume and shine yet has fantastic touchability. Our Art Director, (who also had a full head of extensions, was so impressed she told me she was going to run out and get some Terax for herself!) For finishing, I used REDKEN Forceful 23 Super Strength Finishing Spray. This high shine, work spray keeps hair in place but brushes out easily making for quick style changes. It’s my go-to finishing spray for both location and studio jobs as it can handle every environment change without compromising the texture of the hair. After a full day of shooting and several hair changes, Quinn’s hair looked as fresh and touchably soft as it did in the morning. My biggest reward for the day? Telling me that I had been one of the best people to style her hair— Ever. I’ll take that any day of the week!

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