Rebekah Forecast: A Beauty Sleuth Super Hero

International hairstylist Rebekah Forecast has been working in the fashion and celebrity world for a long time now and while her name may not jump out at you in recognition, it should. Represented by The Wall Group and the Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon in NYC, her hefty client base of top drawer magazines and advertisers like Victoria’s Secret, Vogue ,Vanity fair, DKNY, Coach and Kenneth Cole illustrate just the tip of her creative iceberg. Rebeckah’s technical skill keep her in a special group of artists who really know their craft inside out, but it’s her unique creative spark that ignites her work.

Editorial samples from Rebekah's Portfolio

You might know by now, that I enjoy sharing all kinds of beauty related information and insight, which I love of course, but I also feel compelled to showcase some of the people behind the scenes —Those who’s brilliance are a force within our industry. Many of these artists are not household names and Rebekah Forecast is one of those rare talents who’s work you’ve probably seen without even realizing it. Unlike some of the masters like Oribe, Frédéric Fekkai or Guido who’s names conjure instant recognition, Rebekah seems to prefer to fly under the radar, with no splashy aim for spotlight or fame. She just gets on with the business of creating great hair for her clients,year in, year out and as she says “ To do a better job than last year in all aspects of my life…”  Her tenacious attitude, forward thinking and vision keep her at the top of her game and in demand. Rebekah’s signature style of effortless, sexy hair is the reason why celebrities like Cheryl crow, Cynthia Nixon, Anne Hathaway and Fergie ask for her when they need to look their best for red carpet or photo events.

Rebekah clients, Rénee Zellweger :: Cheryl Crow :: Cynthia Nixon

I had an opportunity to ask her a few questions where she not only shared her personal thoughts on business and her future but also a few of her signature tricks of the trade for achieving beautiful head-turning hair for yourself.

TBS: How did you get your start?

RF:I started my hairdressing career with a three year apprenticeship at the ripe age of 15 in London’s West End.

TBS: What inspires you as a hair stylist?

RF: I am constantly inspired by past and present images of fashion, art and life. I like to sculpt so hair is a great medium and an outlet for my creative energy.

TBS: What is the signature hair look you are known for?

RF: I am know for making hair look healthy, modern and beautiful, while keeping it easy and uncomplicated. I try to enhance what the model, celebrity or client has naturally, while ensuring it’s a head turning look.

TBS: Do you have a favorite product/s? And if so what are they and why do you like them?

RF: Right now I am loving the following products:

Sally Hershberger “Supreme Lift” at the roots on damp hair for maximum root support.

Orlando Pita “Elevate” onto dry hair as a thermal styling support.

Orlando Pita “Elevate” as a dry shampoo at the end to add volume and texture.

Fekkai “Brilliant gloss” to add shine and texture and that at the beach sexy texture.

TBS: Do you prefer to work on shows, photo shoots or in the salon? What inspires you about your favorite work outlet?

RF: Life and the world we live in are constantly changing so I need to be changing too. I feel my work is energized by the constant challenges of all aspects of what I do from an editorial shoot on the beach, to a client at the salon, to a clay sculpture study. Each compliments one another and brings something fresh to everything I do.

TBS: I understand you have worked on developing products for top line brands. How was that process and would you consider developing a line of product under your own namesake?

RF: Working on the business side with products has taught me a lot about supply and demand, in addition to how the whole process works – from having an idea to getting the product on the shelves. It is very intriguing but also a lot of work. The industry has changed so much and there are so many products out there right now! I think it’s hard for the consumer to weed out the men from the boys or should I say woman from the girls! So yes is the answer to your question… when the timing is right.

TBS: What are your plans for the coming year? Do you have an big projects on the horizon?

RF: Next year I plan to stay still just long enough to start creative projects I have in mind. To do a better job than last year in all aspects of my life and be grateful for all that l’ve had pass my way this far.

TBS: Favorite Color? Q: Favorite hair shape or silhouette? Q: Favorite beauty inspiration or Muse?

RF: My favorite color is… oh it depends on the occasion, there are so many to choose from! When it comes to hair color, I love to make women look beautiful so what fits one does for sure not fit another.  Proportion is key to any silhouette so the head shape should always be enhanced for a look to compliment.  I am so lucky to work with all the most beautiful models in the world, so how could I pick a favorite!?

Rebekah’s the powerhouse behind the hair for the Victoria’s Secrets Angels. Here’s how to get irresistible, voluminous locks for a night out:

Morning Preparation:

  1. In the morning, shampoo and condition your hair using a quality product to fit your hair type.
  2. Either rough blow dry or let your hair air dry, depending on hair’s natural movement.
  3. Flip your head over and secure hair high on head.
  4. Twist hair around to create a top knot and secure with large open pins. This will create extra volume for your hair during the day.


  1. At the end of the day, take your hair down out of the top knot and shake out.
  2. Apply a firm volumizer, focusing on the roots only. I love using Sally Hershberger Supreme Lift.
  3. Rough blow dry the hair with your head flipped over to create maximum root lift.
  4. Apply a dry shampoo through out the whole head. I recommend Orlando Pita Refresh Dry Shampoo.
  5. Separate hair into 4 sections (2 front and 2 back) and begin curling hair, one section at a time. With a large 1 1/2″ curling iron, make sure that the barrel of the iron is at a vertical angle to the head and curl the hair away from your face. Start from the root, positioning the iron a safe distance from your head, and twirl the hair around the iron. Leave the ends out of the iron for a natural, modern look!
  6. Once you have curled each section, gently run your fingertips through curls and finish with hairspray.

BONUS: Rebekah always uses extra hair to create the models’ bombshell looks on every photo shoot. Grab some clip in extensions from a local wig shop and take them to your stylist so they can cut/color them to match your hair. Opt for human hair extensions – this way, you can style as normal and curl/flat iron without them melting!


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