Mary J does perfume

Mary J. Blige and Carol's Daughter collaboration

I hear through the beauty chatter network that Mary J. Blige is going to launch a signature fragrance. I know the celebrity scent thing is not new by any stretch, however, my ear on the street tells me that the lovely Ms. Blige is collaborating with the amazing brand, Carol’s Daughter. I don’t even have to preview the stuff (although I will admit that I will desperately want to) to know that this will be a sure winner. Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Prince has been crafting organic beauty goods way before the current Green movement and quite frankly, has got it down to a science. Her impeccable tailoring of essential oils and fragrance makes using each and every product pure pleasure. Not surprising, Ms. Blige has a discerning palette when it comes to beauty product and I am going to be waiting with baited breath for this release. Keep you all posted once it does!


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