Redken :: Ready – Set – Go!

Redken's Waxblast in action

I was doing an advertising shoot today with Brazilian beauty and funnygirl, Pricilla Monroe and took the opportunity to test drive Redken’s Wax Blast (
It had been a bit of a long-ish day and her hair was showing signs of wear and fatigue. I had wanted to get just a little bit more texture and volume on her hair, which was quite long (she was in need of a cut and some layers as it had grown out a lot since we’d last worked together) for our final shot of the day. I sprayed a light coating of this aerosol -spray wax all through her hair and gently finger teased the roots back to life. I was really amazed with the results. Not only did her hair look amazingly voluminous but it had a wonderful texture and sheen as well. Bonus was it held even with the set fan blowing it around.

My only regret?? That I didn’t pull out this can of wonder at the beginning of the day. I can only imagine what fun we could have had! But not to worry, I have Pricilla back with me tomorrow for another day and we have agreed that I will Wax Blast away right from the start of our day. I would show you pics but I can’t, as these images won’t run until Christmas, but I wouldn’t wait til then to give this a test drive of your own. You won’t be disappointed, Promise!


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