The Beautiful Beyonce for L’Oreal

The Fabulous Beyoncé Knowles Photos courtesy of L'Oreal Cosmetics

Oh, Beyoncé, you know how much we all love you. That face, those lips… we covet them! And now, we can all have a little bit of you ( well, not really, but via your favorite lip color, Beyoncé’s Red from L’Oreal’s  Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour Compacts collection.)

It’s a great shade of red— Not too blue, not too orange, it seems just Right!

Now, I have to confess that I have not personally tested this product, so I really can’t say if it does what it says it does but I would be willing to give it a whirl and at $10 bucks for two tubes (one color, one top coat all housed in a snazzy, canister with mirror) it’s a pretty sweet deal.

You can see Ms. Knowles here, in her new commercial spot for L’Oreal. I for one, thinks she’s looking pretty gorgeous.


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