Fahrenheit’s up, so what about my hair?

Humidity Hair Help

It been pretty hot these days, and if you live anywhere from the Midwest to the East Coast, you really know what I am talking about. Living in New York, I have gotten used to the upper 80’s + 95 % humidity as a regular summer time occurrence but when the mercury busts out over  the 100 degree mark and has a total humidity meltdown, it becomes just too much! Not only do I feel like I am a puddle of sweat the minute I hit the streets but my hair seems way BEYOND control.  In desperation, I turned to a few of my fabulous beauty pro friends and using the supernova social network system I put out a simple yet pleading S.O.S., asking for recommendations and solutions to getting that  Good Hair Day feeling even in the humid hotbox we call home.  Here’s what the girls had to say:

The very talented shutterbug, Diane Vasil (http://www.dianevasilphotography.com) says: “the only thing that helps me not turn into a totally bushy girl is Sebastian potion #9, Gerald taught me that one..” (She means the wonder hair guru: Gerald De Cock…. )


Brazilian Beauty Danielle Nogueira de Så  being the minimalists and model has this to say: “Rubber band:) it works every time!:) ”


One of my favorite hair dressers and Green girl, Mara Schiavetti (www.agreenbeauty.com) says this: ” Max Green Alchemy pomade, Wholefoods, or Aveda control paste. xox”



London Makeup maven Kavita Kaul (http://www.kavitakaul.com) thinks: ” Label M – The Toni& Guy range – souffle is brilliant on wet hair for reducing frizz once it’s dry. It’s my secret weapon.”


Cecilia Parnin’s not a beauty pro but she is a client who LOVES beauty products as much as I do says this: ” I use Burt’s Bee Avocado Pre-shampoo hair treatment as a curl controller. I use it after I wash my hair and leave it in for a deep, deep condition. It controls the frizz and my curls keep their shape. I LOVE it!”



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