Heart Break for SmashBox

Galliano Runway Look :: Smashbox Liquid Pen Liner

I have been on the hunt for a great liquid eyeliner for as long as I can remember and have tested out so many over the years that I have almost given up on the possibility of one that didn’t involve a serious amount of expertise to use properly. Not to say that my liner application skills fall short, but I am often asked by clients, models and regular people alike for good recommendations and they don’t always have all the makeup artist paraphernalia at their disposal. Recently, with so many catwalk shows featuring the new “Cat’s Eye” liner look this burning question has become an almost weekly query.   I want to be able to recommend something that I know everyone will be able to use easily and without too much one-on-one coaching.  In a perfect world, I want a product that has great pigment, doesn’t smear or flake during wear, and makes application EASY!  My previous experiences with liquid liner in a tube and thin skinny brush applicator is that it makes getting that fine tapered end almost impossible. The brush usually runs dry well before you get the whole eye done and so I usually go back to my handy cake liner ( preferred choice is Make Up For Ever cake liner in Black or deep Charcoal)  and a fine eyeliner brush to create a sharp elongated Sophia Loren eye. Well, my perfect  liner moment may well have arrived because SMASHBOX has created a product to answer all my  (and your) liquid eyeliner needs! Part of the Heart Break Collection, this Liquid Liner Pen ($24.00) resembles a Sharpie more than a traditional eye liner, is an amazing product that makes it so easy to create a perfect line, every time. The taper on this pen is very fine and firm, the pigment stays fluid at the tip so you don’t have any problem of running dry mid-line, making liner mishaps a thing of the past. It dries quickly and does not move until you take it off, so there is no chance of getting, DES otherwise known as  Droopy Eye Syndrome!  It only comes in one color,  Jet Black  (who needs any other color?) which is inky-black and rich. So if you want to give liquid liner a try, I would make this your one and only purchase but do it quick as with all SMASHBOX collections, it’s only available for a short time and then, sadly, it’s Gone, baby, gone. Why do makeup companies torture us in this way, I have NO IDEA, but when and if I find out, I will be sure to tell you!

***** PRODUCT UPDATE: 07/15/10 : I just heard direct from the source that this fabulous liner will be re-introduced as part of a permanent collection in the Spring! You can pick some up at  Sephora, Nordstrom and Beauty.com

And what of the one-one one Makeup lesson? There is always room for one of those, but in this instance, it’s no longer a total necessity!


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