Take me Back :: Summer Holidays, First love… Mémoire Liquide


Scent is probably one of the most memory provoking elements. A memorable scent can take us right back to a single moment in time with pin-point precision, evoking all the emotions that accompany it.

While many are familiar with Mémoire Liquide, a bespoke, custom-blended perfumierie—It has a coveted cult-following that reads like a Who’s Who list for celebrities and the hip and fabulous everywhere. Yet for those who aren’t able to get into Fred Segal Santa Monica (where the brand launched in 1984) or Henri Bendel in NYC, don’t despair— you may now get your own fragrance that is just as unique and evocative as the original, called Reserve Edition.


These five ready-to-wear eau de Parfums expand beyond the original customized model of Mémoire Liquide Bespoke Perfume counters. With a focus still on the interplay between memory and scent, these individual scents trigger past memories as well as inspire new ones. Each come in a wonderful book box and have companion Creme body lotions as well. Names like Vacances, Soleil, Amour, Fleur and Encens give you an idea of the memory triggers that inspired the set. Each are rich full fragrances, with layers of scent that changed throughout the day. For example, Soleil Liquide, has a whisper of Tangerine and orange that shifts imperceptibly to a denser White Musk and Santal then back again. The effect was quite heady and intoxicating but never overpowering. The interpay of each note is wonderful in all editions, each containing its own vacilating scents and notes. All of the reserve collection share the same DNA as the handcrafted version so for those of you unable to get to a bespoke counter this is a great opton. The Reserve Edition, with its roots firmly planted within the artisan perfumier camp offers a beautiful alternative. Personally, I experienced more than a few flashbacks to some of my favorite vacation destinations, where I have incredible memories—I would encourage you to let Mémoire Liquide Reserve Editions carry you away to your own oasis, wherever that may be.

Available at: Nordstrom.com, and Parum1.com


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