Keep Your Knickers on! NARS Fall 2013 coming soon…

A few nights ago on a balmy New York evening, I attended the Nars Fall 2013 preview event. It was held in one of my favorite penthouse studios in the city, Go Studios and I can report that this preview definitely got my heart racing. Usually, when I attend these kinds of events I am pretty skeptical about what I might see there as its usually a whole lotta “of the moment” colors and more of the same old, same old. Not this time, as Mr. NARS decided to redirect his attention back to his roots as makeup artist and tap into what we artists really, really want, need, desire. Oh, Thank you Mr. Nars!

While there were for sure some fashion forward colour choices in his fall lineup, what I gravitated to were the core group of products that I think every makeup artist will want to have in their kits. Mr. Nars tackled skin by creating a brand new foundation formula, Radiant Cream Compact Foundations. These little pats of creamy goodness, go on super smooth, have build-able coverage and sets to a bulletproof, yet natural looking finish. For the clan of makeup artist out there, here’s what’s so amazing about these little power gems—aside from the beautiful formulation, which of course we have come to expect from all NARS products, it the packaging, my darlings, that set these foundations apart.
While I love a gorgeous looking bottle of this or that, frankly, I don’t love schlepping it around to every shoot. I spend a ton of time “downsizing” my kit so that it doesn’t weigh two tons and yet still has a huge variety of product on hand. My first impression of these foundations was the sleek compacts with refillable inserts that can be neatly stacked into your kit with the minimum of bulk and weight. Wow, don’t we LOVE that? Like all NARS Cosmetics foundations, there is a wide variety of tones and shades, to mix and match any skin tone. I was hoping we would get samples but alas, we wil just have to wait a little bit longer. A little bird has told me that these will be out sometime in late August…. keep your eyes peeled for them at the stores.

Let’s talk Gel Liners. I am sure we have all experience the letdown of a product that just doesn’t live up to expectations. Not this case with the soon-to-be released, drool worthy, Nars gel liners. Dense pigments and creamy formulation make these liners a dream to use. Whether you are going for a sharp cat eye or want to create the smokiest of eyes, this product will do it all.The texture of the gel allows the user to draw sharpest of lines or smudged out to nothing. The best part is, once its set you can literally forget it. It won’t move or run, even with water, until you are ready to take it off. Unlike other gel liners on the market, these ones won’t dry out either. I don’t know about you but I have gone into my kit far on more than one occasion and opened up a competitors gel liner ( which I might add, I may have only used once or twice) to discover that the thing had completely dried out and was useless. Maj disappointment. Not the case for the NARS gel liner. The formula will stay creamy and pliable no matter how long the tub is open. There are all the classic staples in the mix and a handful of juicy jewel tones, as well as some high powered metallics ( the gold and silver are amazing!) as well. Another must have for makeup artists everywhere.

These products will begin releasing in stores in late August at Nars Store nationwide. In the meantime, you might want to check out Pierre Hardy summer collection now available at your local Nars Cosmetics counter.


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