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We have all heard about the attributes of Coconut water for our general heath, like lowering cholesterol levels and hypertension when taken internally. The first question that popped into my mind was whether coconut water is just another character in the seemingly never-ending parade of trendy foods and supplements. But upon closer inspection, I found that a brand new study on young coconut juice (YCJ) also opens up the door to further research with regard to women’s health and additionally, one the most promising applications for this tropical beverage is as a premium mode of re-hydration. Renowned around the globe for its hydrating, nourishing and replenishing benefits, Coconut Water is the drink of choice for those in the know. Utilizing breakthrough technology, Joey New York taps the unparalleled benefits of young, tender Green Coconut Water, formulating every product in the new range with the nutrient-packed ingredient. Rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, the tropical water is as beneficial for the skin as it is for the body, restoring a healthy youthful glow.
Two stand out products from the newly re- release Joey New York lineup are:

Day Gel and Night Cream Eye Duo for radiant eyes day and night, this powerful duo, designed to tighten, smooth and revitalize the delicate eye area do just that. Formulated with Young Coconut Water Complex, the eye essentials target the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. The Lift-Up Day Eye Gel is specially formulated to help firm the eye area and reduce the look of wrinkles while soothing eyes with a cooling sensation. The Firm and Tone Night Eye Cream helps moisturize and smooth the appearances of crow’s feet, restoring a supple, rested look. After a long day, layer the eye cream over the gel to create a masque and restore a fresh, youthful appearance. ($44)

Correct-A-Line For Face and Eyes: This
instantly smoothes skin and erases imperfections, leaving the complexion camera-ready. Ideal as an all-over filler or primer for makeup, the gel serum mattifies skin while hydrating. Formulated with soothing Green Coconut Water and Indian Ginseng Extract, the corrector smoothes even deep lines for the ultimate flawless finish. Great for those who suffer from the over zealous t-zone. This will leave your skin hydrated yet softly matte in texture. True Love! ($36)

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