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There is nothing more sexy that a head of voluminous, shiny, healthy looking hair. I personally, will do just about anything to get this look for my hair and anyone else I may be working on. But let’s face it, it rare to have a head of “virgin” hair. Is there a solution for color treated hair look to it’s best? This question tends to open up a Pandora’s Box of hair issues including hair that’s dry, brittle and lackluster—Hair that tends to become way too unruly for its own damn good. In order to baby color treated hair, you need to recognize the special needs of your newly color treated hair—And a new arsenal of hair care must come into play if you want to achieve a head of luscious, downright sexy, looking hair.

If you are looking for something that’s not only kind to your color treated locks, but is Vegan and earth conscious, turn to Pureology. Offering an array of hair care that is completely 100% sulfate free, full spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreens as well as a host of organic botanicals to soothe and protect your hair, Pureology will treat each strand with the TLC it deserves. Two stand outs from the Strengthening AntiFadeComplex product lineup are: the newly re-released Radiance Amplifier and the Root Lift volumizing cream spray mousse. Both of these products work to hard to keep your hair (and the color) looking its absolute best and the formulas are super concentrated so a little goes a long way. Both are gentle yet effective formulas that give serious care for delicate color treated hair.

For my road test, I selected two models who couldn’t have had more different hair types— one being having a head of fine bleached blonde hair and the other, a course and curly head of hair with mahogany highlights. For each I wanted to have smooth, shiny voluminous hair. Using the Volumizing mouse first, section the hair and apply this very dense and thick mousse from the roots to mid-length of each section, blowing dry as you go with a large round brush for maximum volume. When all the sections are finished, spray a light veil of Radiance Amplifyer all over the hair. For both of my test subjects, the results were outstanding. The hair had a gorgeous overall sheen yet remain supple and soft.

Pureology not only has a great track record for creating innovative, vegan hair care but they support Global Green USA the U.S. Affiliate of Green Cross International, and its national environmental initiatives.  Founded in 1993, Global Green’s mission is to help solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Pureology Serious Color Care: Radiance Amplifier and Root Lift are available at Pureology.


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