Hot Tamales! Prosilk goes Infrared

Image from ZOOZOOM magazine Photo : Mark Stetler

You know it’s time to get a new hairdryer when that burning hair smell won’t go away even after you’ve cleaned out the filters! So what are you waiting for? I know. With all the choices out there, the selection process can be tough. Ceramic this, Tourmaline that, etc…who’s to know what really works, anyway? That’s when someone with hands on experience like David Yoon and his company Prosilk step in. This marshall of professional supply, Mr. Yoon will bet his FAR Infrared hairdryer will not only dry your hair to perfection but maintain and protect and improve the overall quality of your hair.
How so?

FAR infrared is a cutting edge professional series styling tool, that employs ceramic conduction heating for instant heat transfer, negative ionization to break down water particles and seals moisture at the follicle and infrared technology to gently dry the hair from the inner follicle more quickly. What does this beauty tech speak mean for you and I ? It stops hair damage, infuses moisture , leaves hair with a silky shine and dries the hair 60% faster than conventional hair dryers.

“We have borrowed technologies from a broad range of industries to create our new proprietary applications for the professional hair care industry.  It is our great pleasure to be able to offer our Professional styling tools to salon professionals.  Our FAR Infrared dryer exceeds expectation, and provide professional stylists with a unique opportunity to actually improve the quality of their clients hair” states David Yoon

The dryer is lightweight, and easy to handle. The red light ring at the end of the nozzle is a conversation starter if you are using it in a professional environment for sure but the dryers overall performance will be the thing you’ll remember most. It feels tidy and streamline in the hand and with its drying power, you won’t be spending a ton of time just on blow outs. Try using a medium to large sized round brush or flipping your hair over your head while gently pulling the hair straight to create awesome volume, smoothness and sheen. Overall, the performance is excellent and is well worth the $130.00

ProSilk tools are available through select distributors nationwide. Contact ProSilk at or  (866) 434-8100 for a distributor near you.


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