Beauty Meets ART

PackaBaby, Acrylic on canvas, by Jordan Betten 2010

Beauty trends don’t always come from the runway. Often, it would seem that they are derived from and array of key elements in our world, think as vast as something purely environmental to various forms of art. With the Haute Couture shows in full gear, I guess my eye was focused on seeing things from that certain perspective but I was inspired to share a little bit of trend forecasting based on my observation of how these external elements play in the world of fashion and beauty.

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture 2010

I don’t know if you know of the artist/designer/ innovator Jordan Betten. He’s the wunderkind behind the brand LostART (  and with celebrity clients like Steven Tyler, Lenny Kravitz and Cheryl Crow, he’s stacked up a serious amount of cool caché since his launch back in the mid-ninties. I profiled Jordan back in ZOOZOOM’s early days and even then I was in awe of his vast creative energy. It wasn’t long before fashion proved too small a pool for him to swim in and in 2005 he launched BettenArt ( to fulfill his other passions like painting and sculpture. I recently saw a painting he did of an elephant, titled Packababy. It’s quite large and very exotic. Kind of Middle eastern/Indian meets St. Barth’s if that’s possible. The colors are vibrant and Mediterranean in tone, with a range from rich and saturated blues and oranges to sheer vellum-like shades of more neutral tones.

It has a really wonderful effect overall and it reminded me of a particular runway look from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring/Summer couture collection. The model wore similar shades and tones as seen in Betten’s painting which accentuated the eyes, giving the same middle eastern-esque vibe. The colors were layered and there were several textural plays as well  (think matte over sheen and sheer color, one on top of the other, luminous, like stained glass) again reminiscent of Betten’s pachyderm.  I loved the boldness of the look. If you are inspired to channel your own inner artist, I have compiled a few items to help you along with that process. My selects: Make Up For Ever’s Star Powder,TOKIDOKI at Sephora Liner pens and eye shadow, Inglot Pro Pigment pots, Lid Neon by POP Beauty, MAC Pro eye shadow, are but a few brands out there with  bountiful color palettes. (For the color banner below brand order is: MAKE UP FOR EVER,TOKIDOKI, MAC, INGLOT, POP BEAUTY , MAC COSMETICS and MAKE UP FOR EVER I predict we’ll see a few more colorful makeup looks rolling into a makeup counter near you, so in the coming months get ahead of the curve and get your color game on.

Vies en Couleur!


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