Keep your three C’s in order

It’s summer and you know what that can mean for your hair. If you are on the East coast, you know all about the heat + humidity combo. It can wreak havok on your hair, making daily washing a must if you want to have clean looking locks. This is when dry shampoo steps in to save you from over washing resulting in dull, dry, hair. While there are a few brands out there who make a killer dry shampoo ( you know who you are, and you know I love you!), those brands also have a hefty pricetag and if your like me, you may go through a can of the stuff in about a week. So what’s a good alternative? I would say head to your local drug store and look for the Suave haircare section. That’s right, you heard me, SUAVE. That cheap and cheerful pharmacy brand that’s been around forEVER! Recently, re-vamped and brought up to the hip and groovy, the company has launch an inexpensive and effective dry shampoo. I test drove it on my lovely model, Nina (above) who had just come off a red eye, heading right into the studio for a photoshoot. It not only worked a treat, but the scent , which is a mango-y-lemony fruity combo, was much prefered over the other brands that shall not be named. I found mine at my supermarket for a mean $3.25, which to me makes this a beauty steal and super hero because anything that can help hang on to your Three C’s — Calm, Cool and Collected, in my book, is a keeper.

You can find Suave brand haircare at pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide or visit for more info.


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