Breathe some life into your skin

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Oxygen is one of the key elements to great skin, but as we age, like everything else, it diminishes leaving our skin looking a little parched, and the signs of aging like fine lines, pigmentation spots and rougher texture pop up like daisies, right there for everyone to see. If you have multiple skin concerns, it seems there is a cream for that. It’s hard to keep track of all the stuff you need to put on your face, day in day out, in order to turn back the hands of time (or at least look like it!)

But don’t fret, there is help on the way, in the form of oxygen-boosted skincare brand called Dermacyte. The brand offers only two products in their lineup but they are powerhouse items that will turn your skin around in no time. Packing a one-two punch to knock out dehydration, fine lines and pigmentation spots by patented technology to infuse high concentrations of medical grade oxygen into an emollient, nurturing ingredient infused cream base. The company has not only put a lot of energy is the development of these highly effective products, but in clinical studies that document the improvement in over 97% of test subjects. Having a daily oxygen boost causes the skin to repair lost elastin, boosts collagen production and purifies the skin. What does this mean for you? Better circulation and improved skin quality, brighter, healthy looking skin with pigmentation and fine lines lessened— Your skin will just glow from within.

These two products will be the only things—post cleansing, you’ll need in order to keep your skin looking and feeling incredible. Although a regular skincare regimen can be used in addition to Dermacyte, you may find you won’t need them at all after a few weeks of using. I test drove Oxygen concentrate and the Oxygenating eye Complex for over a month, and the results were outstanding. My skin was hydrated and plump and looked overall, fresher. The texture was improved, sun pigmentation spots were lessened and my skin just glowed. I loved the smooth consistency of both the facial lotion and the eye concentrate; both were neither too emollient or slick and once on the skin, it absorbed very quickly leaving my skin supple and soft. So breathe some life back into your skin and try the little oxygen blast called Dermactye. It’s just Dy-No-mite!!

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