Rimmel gives you Sexy Curves

Beauty image :: Jenny Risher

Want lashes that look long, full and lush? You won’t have to go far, just grab a tube of Rimmel’s Sexy Curves volumizing mascara. Not only can you wriggle the product close-close-closer to the roots of each and every lash, but their wand, call the Voluptuous brush (so aptly named) will have you de-clumping and separating your lashes like a pro. Aside from creating a gorgeous lash line, the formula also has a curl activator to curl and hold for up to 12 hours. Another bonus? Your lashes will not cake or clump and will stay put all day long without a mascara smudge in sight. Sexy curves comes in both regular and waterproof for all those beach bunnies out there!.

Get it at: www.rimmellondon.com


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