What’s new PussyCat? Paris Couture 2010

Makeup Trends Couture 2010

Well it’s that time of year again, folks! Couture week in Paris…This is where we REALLY get to see what fashion is all about. Unlike here in the U.S., the French fashion industry doesn’t have to produce clothes that will send buyers into a frenzy by the fact that they can sell, as-is,  off the runway. In fact, despite the fact that several of the designers with an artistic bent ( the likes of  John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier or our dearly missed Alexander McQueen, to name but a few) actually make clothes that aren’t really made for wearing in real life, they fly off the proverbial shelf and become immediate collectors items.

Of course for me I look forward to the couture shows  because of the amazing looks that emerge from each designer’s beauty departments. I am so inspired after seeing these shows. Like the clothes, these looks aren’t necessarily made for real-life wearability but to enhance the look and feel of the collection. I think its really an elaborate performance art project on the grandest scale and I absolutely love it! The looks I am showing here are from Spring/Summer and Fall  presentations are happening RIGHT NOW, but to be frank, people, with New York City being over 100 degrees in the shade, I can’t even look at Fall…. more on that soon as it cools down. But don’t despair if you’ve seen a look you absolutely can’t live without because each of the beauty houses have your back. They will all work diligently to distill and capture the essence of the look so you can buy all the right stuff at a local department store, near you.

So with that I leave you with a few samples of what will surely hit the consumer market, eventually anyway. From left to right: Galliano, Givenchy and Chanel. looks like we better get the red lipstick out!


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