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Tarte Cosmetics

When I came across a few new TARTE COSMETICS products, I have to say I went a bit gaga. First of all, the purple quilted packaging is sleek yet oh so fashionable, then, there’s the product itself. I tested Provocateur pressed mineral powder SPF 8, Femme Naturale refillable eye shadow palette (which came in a refillable, patent leather and zip palette box that could be fooled as any stylish girl’s pocket book, its just that pretty!  Not to mention its filled with a perfect array of eye shadows, that you will really WANT to use and the Four Day Stay lash stain. I really loved the results of all three of these products. Not only were they extremely easy to use, but they were top performers. I used these on many phot shoots, spanning an array of skin types and it performed well in all cases.

Long wearing, and vibrant, they really had staying power. The mineral powder, didn’t produce that mannequin-like sheen on the skin, had great pigment so a little went a long way. I test drove it on myself both with and without concealer (for those thinner skinned areas that just need a little extra help) and on clean skin, and it blended so well that no one couldn’t tell I had makeup on at all, I just looked like I had great skin. Maybe that was because this powder also contains vitamins A and E.  I have some sunspots and hyper pigmentation and it did a fine job of cover those without looking cakey. Some mineral foundations seem to settle on top of the skin or oxize and change color over time, but this one didn’t do either. Another perk especially during hot weather—I didn’t have to wear sun block underneath because this power has SPF8 integrated into the mineral powder (which also has its own sun blocking properties)

As for the Four Day Wear mascara, lets’ just establish that I am one of the people who have to wear waterproof mascara. It’s not that I spend a ridiculous amount of time cultivating lush lashes. No, not so. My own personal makeup motto is if I can’t get my face on in under a half hour, then that’s way too long!

I have an average lash count but somehow the way my lashes hit my cheeks make wearing regular mascara impossible for me to use without looking like I have gone a few rounds in the ring by midday!  I have been few mascara fav’s like  Bourgois Easy Waterproof Mascara and Lancome’s HYPNÔSE WATERPROOF. Both which deliver rich colour, defines even the smallest of my lashes and doesn’t budge till I take it off. A tall order for Tarte, but the thing I loved about the Four Day Stay lash stain was its slick consistency. It reminded me of the classic Maybelline Great Lash, but better. It went on really smooth and yet bulked up my lashes in a really effective but natural way. It stayed a bit wetter than I was used to but once I got the hang of it, I didn’t have to repair my makeup after every application. When it dried, it didn’t budge. My lashes kept their fullness and length all day long and when it was time to take it off, it was pretty easy to remove although I would recommend using some kind of oil based eye makeup remover. My choice is Lancome BiFacil, which removes absolutely everything. One note: Tarte says you can wear this lash tine for days but as I am a cleansing purist, I don’t recommend wearing any color cosmetic more than the day you’ve applied it.

Overall, I will be filling my kit with a few more Tarte goodies and you’ll probably be hearing more from me when I do. As for my own makeup bag at home? I am all Tarte’d Up And loving it.

Tarte Cosmetics http://tartecosmetics.com


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