Go on! It’s Only Makeup

Francois Nars, is not only the creator and man behind the namesake brand Nars Cosmetics, but a visionary and incredible image maker. He’s just released a new book titled ” Make up your mind, Express yourself ” that is more than just another make up how to book. Of course it’s a given that it has amazing imagery. After all, not only is M. Nars one of the premier makeup masters of our time, but he is also an accomplished photographer. But this book incorporates much more than just a collection of pretty pictures by which we are shown how to create his stellar make up looks.

For this book, you can also join an interactive community and create some looks of you own on a dedicated web site, www.makeupyourmind.com. It’s all in a game where you can have a chance to win one of 13 prizes, one of which is a trip for two to attend New York Fashion week, backstage passes and all. Nars encourages every woman (and some men too) to grab their makeup brushes and play. ” It’s only makeup afterall” says Nars, who encourages us to have fun with it—be a little playful. And in today’s oh-so -serious world, wouldn’t it be nice to allow ourselves to re-visit a bit of our inner child and enjoy a little painbox time? I know I will!.

You can buy the book here: http://www.narscosmetics.com

To Join the interactive community for a chance to win check out: http://www.makeupyourmind.com


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