Want a little Bio Diversity for your Hair, Go Brazilian!

Bio Supplements Hair Care :: What they are saying:
It’s all about the hair!  Keeping your hair healthy is the most important thing you can do to help you look and feel fabulous.  Get the shine, movement and softness you desire.  The Brazilian line, Bio Supplements, gets your hair updated for spring while repairing it from root to tip.  Hair can become dull, brittle and lifeless, especially post-Winter.  Once winter is over, with proper care, the hair follicles should start to become revitalized again.  You need hair care products that will reinvigorate your roots, leaving your strands stronger and healthier.  This unique High Gloss System is a special formula of Keratin, Pearl Proteins and Essential Vitamins that reinvigorates the hair cuticle, leaving hair glossy and gorgeous.  Bio Supplements has the right hair care active for you.

TBS Test drive results:
I tested Bio Supplements hair products which claim to revitalize dull, lifeless hair with Keretin, Pearl proteins and Essential vitamins. I was the perfect candidate as I had recently colored my hair and was in desperate need of a trim to my long locks. I didn’t need to be asked twice whether my tired, delicate locks would like a shot at brilliance and manageability!
Like all Bio Supplement products, each collection is paraben and salt free. What does this mean for your hair? Basically, if you color your hair, it will retain the color and shine longer and for those who don’t, it maintains your natural locks moisture and luster thus preventing it from becoming brittle and dry looking. This concise three step program comes in a variety of hair care solutions — Volume control, Ultra Straight, Orange Shine, Anti Residue and Mocha Cappucino, (formulated to re-hydrate for color treated hair) so something to suit every hair type. For my test drive, I chose the High Gloss system with the test period lasting about a month. I used the shampoo about three times a week and the conditioner more, sometimes daily. I definitely noticed that my hair was shinier and much easier to manage, especially the ends. In fact, I received several unsolicited comments on the sheen alone!

For me, one of the most significant differences was with the shampoo. It was a low lathering formula. I didn’t mind this at all, while I have many readers who find this to be disconcerting. The notion that you need a voluminous sudsing action in order to be effective is just not so. There is documented proof that low or no sudsing shampoos are better for your scalp and hair in the long run. They never over-strip the cuticle or the delicate scalp area. In layman’s terms, it means you won’t get brittle hair or a dry, itchy scalp. The shampoo has nice fresh scent , not overly sweet but pleasant and rinsed out well. I liked the day conditioner a lot. Because I color treat my hair, I don’t need to wash the oils away every day but the sweat from my workouts makes it essential to rinse my hair on the in- between wash days. For these days, I would rinse my hair with water to saturate, massaging my scalp and making sure all the sweat was rinsed away, then apply a generous amount of the lighter conditioner. I leave it in for the duration of my shower and rinse out at the very end. I generally like to use a hair mask at least once a week (when I do my facial) and Bio Supplements Shine mask was pretty effective, although I would have liked it to be a bit thicker in texture. When I apply a hair mask, I towel dry my hair, then apply the mask. I then comb through the hair and coil it into a bun and secure with a large hair clip. I leave it in for anywhere from 20 -40 minutes (depending on what other things I am doing ) and then rinse and style as usual. I found when I wound my hair into the bun, the conditioner was a bit runnier than I would have liked but I solved the problem by wrapping my head with a towel to absorb any of excess product that dripped down.

Overall, this collection tested really well. Bio Supplements also offers a selection of styling products that offer the same care and attention with regard to ingredients and performance.

Bio Supplements are available at high end salons and spas in the greater New York City area and throughout the US, as well as online at www. braziliansupplements.com


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