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What is a promise? For most people, it can be casual or binding, but it always represents a significant bond. Between friends, it is the glue that holds a friendship together. Between family, its the catalyst that nurtures this intimate and sometimes intense relationship. For two sisters, it marked the beginning of what has become one of the largest global movements to end breast cancer.

Nancy and Suzy Goodman were always more than just sisters and for three decades nothing separated them from the life adventures they shared. But In 1977, Suzy was diagnosed with breast cancer and a mere three years later, she died. Thirty -six years old. Way too young. A bond between two sisters was the link that brought about the promise: To end the silence and taboo of breast cancer, to bring about scientific research to find a cure, and to end breast cancer once and for all. One sister to another promising “even if it takes the rest of my life” — At that moment the Susan G Komen for the Cure was born. Today it is the most influential health charity in the world and The Pink Ribbon is the universal icon of hope. To date the foundation has contributed more than $1.5 billion for cutting edge research and community programs. And thanks to a sister’s love, a breast cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.

Now the Susan G. Komen Foundation has partnered with TPR Holdings ( the creators of Zihr Men’s skincare) to launch a scent called Promise Me, representing compassion and courage. This fragrance is the first and only proprietary fragrance to benefit breast cancer research. “ The fragrance will give supporters a new way to participate in the breast cancer cause and is very important to our global reach” Komen for the Cure founder and CEO Nancy G Brinker said. TPR’s president, Brian Robinson says “ With fifteen years in the beauty industry, I wanted to lend my expertise to this profound cause. With the launch of Promise Me, we’re one step closer to finding a cure.” TPR Holdings has committed to donating a minimum of $1,000,000,000. to the Komen for the cure cause. And while most products created or available during Breast Cancer Awareness month ( October ) focus on that singular month of the calendar year to promote the cause then remain dormant until the following October, this is not the case for Promise Me. This ultimately sets the fragrance apart from all other BCA released merchandise. The perfume and proceeds are available all year long making the contributions to the Komen for a Cure foundation a continual process.

Developed by Drom Fragrances and famed Perfumer Jean Claude Delville, ( the nose behind Clinique’s Happy, Vera Wang ) the scent has fresh bursts of mandarin, bergamot and blood orange, floral notes of pink peony, wild orchid and rosewood, topped with notes of white patchouli and musk. The overall sensation is one of warmth and softness. The fragrance is housed in a pretty, floral motif glass bottle designed by Chad Lavigne. The look is delicate yet not overly sweet or fragile.

Available at retailers Lord & Taylor, Dillards, Sephora, Boscov’s and JC Penny, the Eau de Perfum is $59.00, while the Eau de Toilette, is $19.00-$29.99 and can be purchased at www.

Promise me you will buy a bottle for yourself or someone you love, this Mother’s Day or any other day. It will be the gift that keeps on giving for as long as there is a need— Until there is a cure. You can read more about the Goodman sisters and how Komen for the Cure was born, in Nancy G. Brinker’s new book, Promise Me which is available at book sellers everywhere.

Promise Me available here: www.


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