SMASHBOX :: Soft, Sexy Spring, Bring it!

Smashbox has release Soft focus eye palette that takes the guess work out of your Spring beauty routine—Meaning less time on fussing with makeup and more time for other fun. The palette has a selection of Smashbox best-seller colors, both shimmer and velvet finishes, two cream liner colors (that are totally beautiful) and a mini lid primer. The shadows are a great texture, blend easily and are a nice collection of easy, breezy Spring/Summer colors. This palette allowed me to create so many makeup looks for a variety of skin tones that I never got bored using it.

Below I have outlined a four step makeup application that will add a little Spring to your look:

Step one: After applying a coat of lid primer, (which comes in the kit) layer Vanilla shadow over the entire eye area, lash to brow making sure to blend well. I like to feather the colour into the corner of the eye and wrap it slightly under the eye keeping the focus on the corners of the inner eye. This is an instant eye brightener, which is especially good on days when you feel less than exceptional!

Step two: Using the thin tapered end of the brush, apply a thin line of Bronze liner to the lash liner. Try to keep it as thin as possible, working the liner between the lashes, creating a boost of volume and definition at the lash line. The result should be soft and smudgy.

Step Three: With the fluff end of the brush, apply Nude eyeshadow to the natural crease-line extending out to lengthen the eyes, blending well as you go. I also like to wrap a little of the color under to out corner of the eye to further extend and accentuate the eyes.

Step Four: Curl lashes ( Love my Shu Eumura lash curler, but Tweezerman and Kevin Aucoin also make steller lash curlers) Apply mascara ( I like Bionic Mascara from Smashbox because it builds the volume I want without looking clumpy ) as close to the lash line as possible, building voluminous lashes. If you want super volume, repeat this stage for a second coat. Sweep the wand through the ends of the lashes to add some length and as a final touch, to keep your lashes looking feathery and lush, brush through with a lash separator.

I have added this image which I took of one of my models from a recent shoot where I applied the Smashbox Soft Focus palette as described above. Not the greatest of images but hopefully, you get the idea. I pared this look with a vivid red lip ( to go with the idea our client had for our shoot) but you can also opt for a softer look using either a fleshy pink lip stain or gloss. Both would be beautiful as well.

That’s it. You will have flirty, soft and sexy looking eyes that will look modern and fresh. Right on for Spring!
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