The Man in a Can

I have been using many Redken styling products for photo shoots for several years now and overall have been very satisfied with the results. My key go-to items like Waxblast 10, fabricate 03 heat-active texturizer and workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray make coaxing the hair to top shape pretty easy. These products help me create voluminous, shiny, beautiful looking hair every time. So when the Redken people asked me to test drive one of their newer sprays; Fashion Work 12 versatile working spray, I didn’t hesitate.

This lightweight spray offers flexibility during styling and frequent style changes, incredible shine and humidity resistance. I tested it on location in Miami and Los Angeles and noticed the hair was incredibly luminous in both shade and direct sunlight. All of this sounds pretty good, right? I would agree. However, the most noticeable improvement over other Redken aerosol sprays is undoubtably, the scent. At first, I noticed a more-than-usual amount of positive comments praising the perfume, but as the test drive went on, it became apparent that this was no ordinary array of olfactory sparkle. All of the women I’d used it on seemed to experience a sensation that was almost sensual. I had one model exclaim ” It smells like the best Man-smell, ever!!” and proceeded to douse herself with the stuff every chance she could! Now, I know what your thinking, but as my test drives are generally 4-6 weeks long, I am not talking about a one-off occurrence. I am talking about consistent dialogue, always from women, EVERY SINGLE TIME I used the product. Somewhere along the way, the collective We began referring to Fashion work as ” Man in a Can ” and for all intense and purposes, it did make those session days go a lot easier somehow.
I was so curious about the new scent that I contacted the company to inquire whether they had employed the use of Pheromones in the formula. It just seemed so strange to me. I was assured that there were none, however they did give me a breakdown of the perfume : Top: lemon, apple, peach, Mid: jasmine, rose, muguet, Bottom: amber and musk. So as a product reviewer and artist, does it work? Absolutely. But that’s not going to be the only reason you’ll be running to buy a can of your own. Redken’s hit the sweet spot with this spray, no doubt the ladies will agree. All I know is that I cannot keep enough of it in my kit. Redken Fashion Work 12 versatile working spray is available at


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