White Sands :: Marcel Iron Test drive

White Sands has created a Spring Marcel Curling Iron that almost anyone can use to create flawless Marcel waves. The barrel has a swivel component that allows the hair to be to twirled onto the barrel without having to twist or contort the wrists. While using a traditional Marcel iron can be quite easy when using on a client, it can be much harder to handle it using on yourself. ( No doubt you know what I mean if you’ve tried this yourself and have suffered a few scorched ear tips and skin mishaps!)
That’s what defines White Sands Marcel Iron from the rest. While there are a few competitors who offer the swivel barrel, (KQC, the Canadian version, for example) these other irons don’t have the cool touch tip to ensure no accidental burns to the skin. I found this iron super easy to use on my models and really simple to use on myself. Once the hair is rolled onto the iron, you can continue to twirl the barrel until all the hair is released. Let the hair “drop” ( I give each section a gentle tug at the ends to relax the curl and make it more natural looking ) and you will see right away that this is not any old curling iron curl. The wave pattern will be a gentle S shape from root to tip and can be left in sections or gently broken up to create the volume and loose textures seen in top magazines.
White Sands Spring Marcel Irons are available in three sizes, 1 inch, 1.25 inches, and 1.33 inches.  I test drove the 1.25, and it was perfect for creating waves for shoulder-length to long hair.   The temperature control is digital and it goes as high as 410°, and what I really like about the iron was that the controls were accessible but not in the way of handling the iron during use. ( This happens quite often with one of my other marcel irons as the switching mechanism is placed where your fingers would naturally be while turning the iron ) The White Sands iron is a lightweight, professional grade, easy to control titanium iron. I have no negative comments for this iron, but unfortunately I did get a lemon as the tip came off after the second use. Thankfully for them, I love the iron so much that I have been gluing the tip back on whenever it decides to pop off. Performance simply outshines this minor inconvenience.
This iron retails for $110 and is available for purchase on www.whitesandproducts.com


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