Something to sink you Teeth into

The team involved in creating great fashion and beauty images are, without a doubt, a special breed. They are unlike any other in the beauty business, the photo session pro has a distinct look and way of maneuvering within their arena. Unlike a salon stylist or fashion expert who works in a singular location, who can rely on the continuity of their environment to house all their tools of the trade, the session stylist has to be nimble and mobile.This nomadic stylist, be it for hair, makeup or fashion has some pretty specific needs. They usually have some kind of roller bag ( you my have seen my earlier post on some of the roller bags of choice) to house all the things they could possibly need for any given assignment and other accouterment that makes creating stellar looks easier for them and a mobile set bag that will cary smaller items they will need on set , like pins, clips, hairspray, makeup etc.

A good on-set bag is a pretty elusive thing to find. There are styling ‘aprons’ which make one look like they should be taking orders as opposed to commanding a set, the Sling bag, where everything ends up sliding around and the idea of a quick grab and style is almost impossible due to all the rummaging around to find things. Then there is the canvas movie set bag. Great idea, but it weighs at least half a pound and thats before anything is in it! So where does that leave the savvy stylist? For many, the dreaded Bum-bag or Fanny pack, is the option that works quite well. LeSportsac makes several that are pretty decent as far as capacity; each made from rugged yet lightweight ripstop and all are stylist to boot. I have a personal favorite, their Patent ripstop “Kasey” bag, a classic three zip bag and the Double zip belt bag. The double zip bag from Le Sprtsac or any other traditional fanny pack, work quite well for the fashion stylists but tend to be too small for the makeup and hair stylists. Yet with little alternative, it does tend to be the on-set bag of choice for the beauty freelancer yet still falls way short of most session stylists needs.

Enter the Pocket Stylist by Designed and created by photo producer, Julie Mondro who recognized a need for a great session bag that could hold all the tools of the trade for all stylists yet look great ,too. No more ugly,utilitarian bags: These customized belt bags are stylish and created for each artist. The belt bags incorporate the necessary pockets to hold all the goodies set stylists need to do a great job. It is fashioned kind of like a loose corset with exposed zippers and various sized bags, some with elastic bands to hold items into place and well as smaller buttonhole pockets inside some of the large pockets for smaller items. The Stylist Pockets are lightweight, washable and super stylish. For once, someone has actually analyzed the real needs of the set stylist and created a tool belt that makes it easier to access product— Hands-free, which translates to quick and effective fashion/beauty changes.
Put your thinking cap on and design your own Stylist Pocket, and if somehow you don’t see exactly what you want, throw Julie a line and she’ll find a way to create the ideal set bag just for you, with the perfect amount of bells and whistles, giving your mind something to chew on. So go on, get yours at:


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