Facing Trauma :: Dr. Andrew Jacono rebuilding faces and lives

When he’s not providing age defying makeovers for actresses, models and media personalities, our client, NYC Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono dedicates much of his time to rebuilding the faces and lives of victims of domestic violence. Did You Know :: One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Tune in on Sunday, February 20th at 10 PM to Discovery Fit & Health to watch as Dr. Jacono and his team work to heal both the physical and emotional scars of domestic violence on Facing Trauma.

BEAUTY BLOGGER BRUTALIZED: One of three stories follows the incredible journey of Ilianexy, a beautiful Latina beauty blogger who at 22 was savagely attacked by her boyfriend and left with horrendous scars on her face, neck and arms. While living a life in hiding, Illy began blogging about her passion for makeup and enjoyed posting photos of her “good side” to showcase the latest make-up looks — never sharing the disfigured side of her face with her followers. Watch as Dr. Jacono transforms Illy’s life through facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to help erase her scars, ultimately giving this beauty gal the confidence to reveal both sides of her face to her followers for the first time on camera!

With the help of Dr. Jacono, these women are reclaiming their lives, and I truly believe that their courage and perseverance are an inspiration to victims of domestic violence everywhere.


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