The wicked and the wonderful—The Black Swan

The lovely Natalie Portman as The Black Swan

One of my favorite actresses, Natalie Portman stars in the phychological thriller, The Black Swan. The release date is set for December 3rd and I for one will be cueing up to see this film. It incorporates all the elements that I adore. Classical dance, intrigue, my favorite actors and of course outstanding and creative makeup artistry. What’s there not to love?  You might be wondering who is the artist behind this beautiful makeup design.  Her name is Judy Chin who’s CV reads like a who’s who in the film world. We are all familiar with her work: Sex in the city, Frida, Failure to Launch to name just a few of her signature films. For the Black Swan, she wanted to incorporated some of the elements from the set, adding silvery branches so brilliantly crafted across a bold coal black sweep across the eye area. Ms. Chin’s masterful eye for detail, created the perfect makeup look that captures the essence of the character. This accentuates the contrast from the corp dancers and the Black Swan—They being pale and delicate, and the Black Swan, dark and fierce. I don’t know what I will enjoy more, taking in Ms. Chin’s amazing artistry or Natalie’s rivoting film presence, either way I know I am going to love this film!


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